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We’re excited about our journey with Jesus and each other. We enjoy being neighbors multiplying God’s kindness in the midst of our communities. It’s a great journey to be on together! Here are some of the recent events (with the most recent ones first).

We had a great time. Thanks, Pat Stillman and Ken Brown!

  • *Questions included for Christ in the Marketplace:
    • What business principles have the greatest potential to make the greatest difference?
    • What character traits would be most valuable in my leadership to encourage sustainable growth and effective team relationships?
    • What principles could best guide my financial practices?
    • What are some key personnel practices to most honor those working with me?
  • **Questions included for Wisdom in Everyday Living:
    • What are some recent lessons experienced in your daily life?
    • How do you integrate healthy family living with enthusiastic engagement in the market place?
    • What have been some of the greatest challenges you have faced, and what has helped you get through these?
    • When you look long-range…really long-range, like even beyond this life-time…what do you see?
  • ***Interaction…Bring your questions with you! We hope for many opportunities in the presentations and the break times for fruitful interaction.
  • Additional bios of presenters for Christ in the Marketplace…Wisdom in Everyday Living:
    • Patrick “Pat” Stillman loves the Lord Jesus and thrives on challenges. From sports (Division 1 & semi-pro football) to business (self-employed business owner/operator/investor and entrepreneur) to family life (married to Beulah for 53 years, with four children, 18 grandchildren, & one great-grandson) to non-profit ministry (Board member at Cairn University for 29 years), God’s grace and strength have carried Pat through many, varied experiences. A more recent diagnoses of a form of skin cancer has presented another challenge, and an opportunity to view and live life in growing gratitude and trust. God has blessed Pat with a love for wisdom, which applies both to the marketplace and everyday living.
    • Ken Brown is President and CEO of MKT Metal Manufacturing in York, PA. In April of this year, MKT was named 2018 Manufacturer of the Year by the Manufacturer’s Association of South Central PA for “their contribution to the local community/economy, dedication to their employees, and active membership in the Manufacturers Association.” Ken and Pat are partners in this business, and share a desire to positively impact their communities, and to model a respect for others and a love for God. Ken and Deb enjoy their family of five children and four grandchildren.


Softball Tournament 2015 – For the second year in a row (and it’s been two years since Mt. Vernon began playing in the Southern Chester County Church Softball League), Mt. Vernon ended in second place in the end-of-season league tournament. This wraps up a season which has had many great moments, good plays  (and some mistakes:), super family and friends cheering the team on, and new friendships. It’s been a good season! Below are some pictures taken on the last day of the tournament, July 11, by Nicki Allen. (Thanks, Nicki!)

(Photos coming soon…)

Saturday, September 27, awoke with bright sunshine for a day of refreshing. (There are two sets of photos from this day, below.)WP_20140927_07_52_31_Pro

And the Ladies’ Refresh and Renew Day was exactly that! Here are some pictures. (Single click on a picture below to see a larger display. Scroll down further to see the second set of photos from this special day.)

Part of the fun was to see the creativity of six different displays by women of Mt. Vernon. Beautiful (and – in one case – tasty) things! (Again, single click on a picture below to see a larger display.)

Below was a recent (very informal) event. Think ice bucket. 🙂 And thanks, Chris and Cynthia Gartman! 

BOOKS REFERRED TO ON JULY 20, 2014: It was requested to post the titles of some books referred to on Sunday, July 20, that – along with being great books – provided examples of Jesus always being with us. This is that list. (A number of these are in the Mt. Vernon library, or you can follow the link after the title, or do a search online.) “BRUCHKO” by Bruce Olson (; “HEAVEN ON EARTH FAMILY STYLE” by J. Norman Charles with Sharon Charles (; “HEAVEN IS FOR REAL” by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent (; “LIFE WITH FLAVOR” by Jim Herr with Bruce E. Mowday and June Herr Gunden (; “THE BONDAGE BREAKER” by Neil T. Anderson (; “THE FRIENDSHIP BOOK” by Steve Wingfield with Michelle L.W. Curlin (

VBS 2014 – Gangway to Galilee! – VBS 2014 continues on Wednesday evening, July 9, 6:30-8:30 PM. You’re invited to join!

Here are pictures from Tuesday evening with the theme, Jesus Keeps Me Safe. (Note: Pictures should be available as seen below for one day. Then they will be turned into a slide show for that day. For an example, see the pictures farther down for both Monday and Sunday’s programs, which are now in slide show format.) Thanks, again, Terry Fyock, for the pictures of Monday and Tuesday!

VBS 2014 – Gangway to Galilee! – VBS 2014 continued on Monday, July 7. Here’s a slide show of pictures from Monday evening, with the theme, Jesus Teaches Me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Softball Playoffs – The 2014 playoffs continued on Monday evening, July 7, with Mt. Vernon playing New London Christian Life Center at their field. In an exciting game, CLC won with the score of 13 to 12. Mt. Vernon led through most of the game, gave up a number of runs in the bottom of the sixth, and then scored a number of runs in the top of the seventh (final) inning, stopping just one shy of tying up the game. Coach Jim Anderson said he was really pleased with the way the team never gives up. (Next game is Tuesday evening, July 8, at 6:30 with Cornerstone Presbyterian Church at their field – 109 Gypsy Hill Rd, Landenberg, PA 19350.)

VBS 2014 – Gangway to Galilee! – VBS 2014 began on Sunday, July 6. Here’s a slide show of pictures from Sunday evening’s opening, with the theme, Jesus Calls Me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Softball Playoffs – The 2014 regular season of softball ended last week. For the 20-game regular season Mt. Vernon had a 7 win – 13 loss record. The first game of the playoffs was on Monday, June 30, at 6:30 at the Oxford AA Field. It was a good-spirited, well-played game with Oxford Methodist. The outcome was an exciting 12 to 10 win for Mt. Vernon. (We’re waiting to find out when we play next, and plan to post that on the web site as soon as we know.) Thanks to all those who came out and cheered the team on!

Graduations 2014! – Do you have graduation pictures? We’d love to post these!!! Please email them to Or you may use Dropbox, etc. (This can be graduation from high school, college, junior high, or… We’d love to celebrate together!)

DIANNA JOHNSON graduated from Oxford Area High School on Friday, June 6, 2014. CONGRATULATIONS, DIANNA! (Click on any of the smaller pictures below to begin a slide show.)

Congratulations, Dianna!

Congratulations, Dianna!

Yard Sale 2014 – Thank you to everyone who invested so much in making the 2014 yard sale a great time! (And we may get some pictures up here soon that capture some of the day! :)) Note: Over $2,000 was received that will go toward helping youth go out in missions service. Praise God!

VBS (Vacation Bible School) 2013 is now history, but what a great time it was! Wonderful children, providential weather (when it rained and when it did not), cheerful helpers, and a captivating theme all worked together in having a great time. Below are a video and photos of the week, in the order listed below. Remember, you are NOT FORGOTTEN! God has engraved you on the palms of his hands!

  • VBS 2013 VIDEO – new
  • VBS 2013 SLIDESHOW – new
  • VBS 2013 ICE CREAM SOCIAL PHOTOS (Closing Day) – new
  • VBS 3013 PHOTOS, DAY 2
  • VBS 2013 PHOTOS, DAY 1 (including Registration Picnic)

VBS 2013 VIDEO – This video is a great reminder that VBS (Vacation Bible School) at Mt. Vernon was a great time with wonderful children. Enjoy the video and the theme for the week – NOT FORGOTTEN!  (PS IF your Internet connection and computer are fast enough, you can click on the little “wheel” at the bottom right of the picture and choose a better picture quality. The top one is 1080p. This will look the best, but if the video skips, then go to a lower number.) VBS 2013 SLIDESHOW – VBS at Mt. Vernon was captured in a slide show, shown on the closing evening (Friday, July 12). You’re welcome to see this slide show, immediately below. There are lots of great pictures! (Note: There is a sound track for the first half of the slide show. The second half does not have a sound track. It’s not a problem with your computer!) ENJOY!

VBS 2013 ICE CREAM SOCIAL PHOTOS (Closing Day) – It was great to celebrate with children, family, and friends! MtV VBS 2013 - 01 MtV VBS 2013 - 02 MtV VBS 2013 - 03 MtV VBS 2013 - 04 MtV VBS 2013 - 05 MtV VBS 2013 - 06 MtV VBS 2013 - 07 MtV VBS 2013 - 08 MtV VBS 2013 - 09 MtV VBS 2013 - 10 MtV VBS 2013 - 11 MtV VBS 2013 - 12 MtV VBS 2013 - 13 VBS 2013 FLOCK PHOTOS (TEAM PHOTOS), DAY 3 – VBS 2013 reminds us that we’re Not Forgotten. The children and helpers team up in “flocks” and go from pasture to pasture (activity to activity), and then do some grazing (some nice snacks!) before the closing time together each day. On Day 3 our photographer Brad took pictures of the flocks. Here they are…wonderful teams of “sheep” learning, doing, and growing! IMG_3177IMG_3185 IMG_3187 IMG_3241 IMG_3288 IMG_3305 IMG_3309 IMG_3313 VBS 2013 PHOTOS, DAY 2 – And then there was DAY 2 of Vacation Bible School…with some more pictures of all those great children and fun times (with adults, too)!


Ah, the joy of a great story!


Let’s hear that again!


And where did my flock go? (At least we’re walking in step!)


These pasture activities take all my attention!


“And then you. . .”  🙂


David the Shepherd (“Is that David? But he looks like Kendall.”)


“Let the little children come to me!”


This is celebrating! We are NOT FORGOTTEN!

And we look forward to DAY 3 – VBS 2013 – NOT FORGOTTEN! VBS 2013 PHOTOS, DAY 1– It’s started! VBS (Vacation Bible School) 2013 is under way! Here are a few pictures of the first day.

Let's Celebrate! We're Not Forgotten!

Let’s Celebrate! We’re Not Forgotten!


Looks like a little shepherd is getting ready!


Ah, those skit people! Will that veterinarian figure out what’s happening with that lamb’s ears?!


Petting zoo – children loved the animals!
(Including “Elvis” being on the grounds, far right)


“We’re all ears!”


Petting zoo – Some loved the reptiles, too!


The rain came at the perfect time!
It was soon ok to go outdoors.


Children in India – Not Forgotten!
Let’s give to bless!


Ah, what a great group!
Ready to go, ready to learn!


Christians who are imprisoned because of following Jesus are Not Forgotten.


And there’s more to come!
This was just the first day!

APRIL 7, 2013: THANK YOU to Kendall Keeler for the dramatic recitation on Sunday morning entitled, “Temptation – The Screwtape Letters.”  We look forward to another chapter on Sunday morning, April 21. APRIL 6, 2013: THANK YOU for all the wonderful help during the SPRING CLEANING DAY on Saturday, April 6. A lot of work was done, and it’s looking great – ready for spring!

MARCH 29 and 31, 2013: Good Friday was as a day of remembering and being grateful. “Thank you, Jesus, for your amazing love, courage, and faithfulness!” This day of gratitude included at Mt. Vernon a special time of “meeting at the cross.” There were eight stations in the hallway and foyer that helped us remember. Each station included reflective reading and an interactive response. Then communion was shared in the sanctuary at the foot of the cross. “Lord Jesus, help us to live every day in our hearts at the foot of the cross…surrendered to you and receiving from you all you provided through your death and resurrection.” Andrew Hostetler put together a creative video that captures well this experience. For those who were there, this can help us remember. For those who were not able to be there, this gives you a glimpse into that experience. (To see this video, click below.)

Easter morning – or, as I prefer calling it, Resurrection morning – brought with it a wonderful sense of joy in knowing that not only was Jesus risen, but he is risen. He continues alive. He is risen indeed! Jesus continues to be the life we desire and need!

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  1. I have admired your church any times! Although I haven’t attended yet; I am excited to come and see.

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